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Data science and you

Data science and AI can seem like something way out of reach for many businesses, either due to a lack of  in house skills, limited financial means, or the perception of dirty data.  It is seen as something inaccessible or that does not apply, because you may not think you have a good enough technological maturity or data maturity.

Sometimes it’s also due to not knowing how it can apply to the everyday problems you face.


Traditional partner's solutions

Commercial plug and play solutions are developed to adapt to the greatest number of use cases, and are sold on a license model, which add up over time and are not necessarily the most suitable for your data and your problem.

These constraints make it difficult for a company with a modest budget or resources to embark on such a project.

Data science with us

We have a totally different approach. We use data science and machine learning to solve problems or create opportunities closer to your business.

We study your problem, the data available, and create a tailor-made solution, which will be the most suitable for your company, and will integrate best with your processes.

The technologies used do not give rise to the purchase of a license, and you can have the solution evaluated without restriction.

Some areas of application

  • Improved sales predictions.
  • Anomaly detection (sensors, financial fraud etc.).
  • Fault prediction.
  • Sentiment analysis (how is perceived by your company).
  • Segmentation of your customers, suppliers, articles.
  • And more … 

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