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Seeking to optimise and automate processes

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Less than 30% of all digital transformation programmes succeed, despite significant investment.

Still, transformation is essential to survival. At Dieple, we help SMEs adopt strategies that fit their needs and their means.

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  • Broad expertise across interconnected business processes
  • Personalised service, enriched by a keen focus on the human element
  • We meet you where you are, and help you evolve from there - not one size fits all!

About us from our CEO

If 4IR Impacts how we work...

The pace of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is phenomenal. And although digital platforms are largely stable, software as a service solutions are abundant, costly, and not yet dominant or systemic in design.

...sustainability impacts why we work

If 4IR is the catalyst that changes  how we work, the need for sustainable growth changes why we work. Where shareholder return dominated the last 50 years, creating shared value will dominate the next. Let us help.

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We offer data driven business process analysis, that enables mapping the execution of your business processes.

The methodology is known as process mining.

What is Process Mining?

Process mining is a data driven approach to extract useful information about the execution of a set of business processes or events, then extrapolate trends, insights and opportunities based on that information.

The Benefits of Process Mining

  • Immediate identification of cost saving quick wins
  • System and resource utilisation charts and analysis
  • Road map of opportunities to support a digital transformation business case

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Southampton is a bustling city on the south coast of England, East of the New Forest and North West of Portsmouth.

With its thriving universities attracting talent from all over the world, setting up our first offices here has opened up many opportunities for our young firm.

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