We are Dieple. Digitally Enabling People.

We help business leaders like you create exceptional services and thrive in VUCA world.

We provide strategy-led data driven solutions tailored precisely to your operations’ needs.

We work on the business and you to generate sustainable change.

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Our Brands

Virtual Services Hub

Our consultancy services are delivered virtual first, using the latest technologies to assure a high quality of integration with your business.

The Space Where Ideas Launch

This is our portal for do it yourself services, with training content and workbooks to support rapid skill development, and as an introduction to our other services.

Career Sketching with Katherine Ann Byam

This is a do it with you service that supports your acheivement of stretch goals, as an indivdual leader in a VUCA world.

Our Services

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Supply Chain Operations

Are you running a service centre and looking to run improvements? Are you looking into data driven forecasting?

Finance & Audit Operations

Are you managing a back office operation or need support with financial controlling? Or wanting better algorithmic detection?


Are you looking for practitioners to support sales and deployment of your SaaS solution? Do you need a local point of contact?


Looking for data science and analytics skills not presently on your team?

HR - People @ Work

Looking to develop your HR analytics, or facilitate team workshops and transformations?

Career Executives

Making key transitions, or want to have more effectiveness where you are? we help you find that X factor to soar.

Latest Offers

Data Driven Business Process Analysis

A process mining solution underpining our work.

Latest Courses

Our latest course is called Calm Amidst the Chaos, and Supports Productivity & Influence.

Locate us

Our head office is located in the United Kingdom, but we are a virtual company capable of serving you remotely, or anywhere as needed. Schedule an appointment to discuss your needs with our team.