Of success and failure – What I’ve learnt from 2019

Understandably, it is perhaps more social to share stories of success. Little is read about failures until they become so spectacular that they are the pursuit of every media house. As a business owner and a coach, I take strength from being able to look at the year critically and highlight the main areas that demonstrate strengths, and those that need work.


Katherine Byam Her Words As Featured in the Express Newspaper

My thanks and appreciation go out to Cherisse Moe and Essiba Small for this segment in Her Magazine, Express Newspaper Trinidad and Tobago. I am proudly Trinidadian and British, and really excited to be on this journey with my new company, Dieple Consulting & Training Limited, helping leaders transform their businesses and lives with sustainable and digital strategies. We are Dieple. Digitally Enabling People. Do enjoy the read!


How to leap Part 2: Revealing Your Goal

Some of us know what we want whereas, for others, this needs to be revealed to us. Our wants can sometimes be influenced by our environment, the people with whom we associate, our wider network. It can also come from an intrinsic sense of purpose or a strong desire for something which you do not currently have.

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