Why do Data Driven Business Process Analysis?

Undertaking a digital transformation project requires significant investment; in the process,
technology and capability of teams managing the transition to a new form of business as usual. This
white paper explores ways in which businesses can enhance their business process management
as a key prerequisite for successful transformation projects, or just sound operational controlling.


Is process mining right for you?

Before working with us, our customers often tell us

  • “We don’t have enough data to mine, or our data is too dirty.”
  • “We tried in the past to implement complex data driven software solutions and failed, because we didnt achieve the right data quality.”

Breaking the Dirty data barrier.

The solution we offer transcends the dirty data boundaries.

  • We extract your data as it is, transform it, and make it usable for analysis in the way that best matches your data set and your business needs.
  • Our solution is bespoked to you because we know that off the shelf SAAS solutions only work for buisnesses with no history, no legacy, no story.
  • Start designing a new data story with us.

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About Process Mining

What is Process Mining?

Process mining is a data driven approach to extract useful information about the execution of a set of business processes or events, then extrapolate trends, insights and opportunities based on that information.

The Benefits of Process Mining

The Benefits

More on the Benefits

Many organisations have implemented some form of business process mapping tool.

They use BPMN software that allows for dynamic analysis of the impact of a change, or manual processes, defined by more static tools which help dictate the set up of an ERP.

The real-life execution of a process, however, often escapes the purview of management – making it
more difficult to identify the root cause of failures, either in the execution or in the design.

Gaining executional insight is exceptionally valuable for defining change within a company, most notably,
when inefficiencies or silos are appearing in the current processes.

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Data Driven Business Process Analysis


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