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The challenges Ahead

Innovating Prosperity - Novel design concepts for competing in a shifting landscape.


You are the experts of industry, with an unmatched ability to rapidly reframe problems, identify patterns, and spot cyclical trends. You are investing in tomorrow’s capability, and are pivoting to more pliant  and agile structures for the journey ahead.


Yet the organisational changes have not yet yielded the expected return, and the world around you irreversibly leaped 2 years ahead of where most of us thought it would be in terms of work, and the demand for digitally enabled services.


You are driven to do more, but the stakes are high, and you may be encumbered by internal systems and workflows that serve historic purposes.

Looking Forward

Reimagine Possibility

Imagine a context for you stakeholders, your strategy, and the organisation’s survival.

You recognise that with more agility and speed you will move further away from the assurance of the known.

You want to leverage experience with new approaches to a healthy value stream.

We know where you are going, and we share your determination to learn fast and lead as you go.

We traded in our 40 years of accumulated corporate experience for 2 years of entrepreneurially inspired digital services that differentiate us from the rest in our field.

We apply the same reimagination to your context too.

We are here to help.

Meet the Team

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A Tailored Service Proposal

We are a trusted provider of technically and skilfully guided human centred digital solutions.

We offer a strategy tool kit of systems backed by the leading thinkers in innovation and disruption.

We collaborate and learn from some of the renowned researchers in the areas of culture, creativity, and teams.

And we stream all of this into the ongoing symphony of our life as a startup,

learning what works at every layer of the business stratasphere.

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Find out more about our independent virtual services

Virtual CIO

  1.  Virtual Chief Information Officer
  2. Up to date on trends in software and technology, including artificial intelligence.
  3. Guides companies on critical IS decisions
  4. Navigates between the business and outsourced providers
  5. Manages effectively key supplier relationships
  6. Part time. Provides services on retainer.

Virtual CIAO

  1. Virtual Chief Information & Analytics Officer
  2. Up to date on trends in analytics and data science.
  3. Guides companies on analytics design and implementation.
  4. Establishes and maintains the business data and information design.
  5. Part time. Provides services on retainer.

Virtual Stategy Advisor

  1. Virtual Strategy Advisor.
  2. Up to date on trends in innovation, digital transformation, and strategy.
  3. Guides companies through quarterly strategy review cycles and innovation initiatives.
  4. Part time. Provides services on retainer.

Combined Proprietary Services


Agile Strategy Builder. – a modeled tool to support your business journey.

We leverage knowledge of your business’s size and capabilities to design your digital transformation and operations innovation journey.


This is our proprietary system that delivers on its promise of transformation.

We understand your business via discovery exercise, then analyse, strategize and activate the human potential within your firm. This system ends in execution for success.

Get in touch. We adapt our services to fit your needs.

What our clients say

Customers reviews VSH

In 2020, we kicked off projects on a journey toward interpreting the data we extracting from our multiple systems at Ferring International. We reviewed many suppliers, and tenders, including one from Dieple Consulting. What was remarkable about their service offer is that it was tailored specifically to our needs, and free from license fees; making it much easier for them to demonstrate the value of their machine learning solutions to our business. The solution they proposed would reduce our current analytical results considerably. Christophe displayed great intuition around our data, with the skills to translate our business need into IT requirements for the extraction process, and then convert that into an analysis that demonstrated real process understanding, as well as statistical skills. It was a pleasure to interact with Christophe and his team on this, and we look forward to working with him and the team in the future as more opportunities present themselves.
Selvan Pillay
Senior Manager - Ferring International
Katherine and Chris have recently assisted us see the wood from the trees! Katherine and Chris have recently provided invaluable advice and insight into a technology transformation project that our group of businesses is embarking on. They have demonstrated an exceptional ability to understand a set of challenges and come up withtangible objectives and criteria to benchmark or decision making against. I would encourage any business owner to leverage Dieples expertise and years of experience in solving and delivering transformation projects.
CEO of a Hampshire Group of Companies