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Where Ideas Launch - The Podcast

We are launching our podcast, focussed on the unexpected innovators of the world. For the month of September when we go live, we will be showcasing female talent, corporate and entrepreneurs who have made pivots, or brought something new and fresh to their area of expertise. We cannot wait for you to have a listen, and better yet, for you to have an interview with us to share your story!

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Modern Career Foundations



  • Goals & Strengths
  • The CV Edge
  • Linked In Splash
  • Productivity Lite

Productivity Course



  • Mental Models
  • Mindsets
  • Motivation
  • Mental Alertness
  • Tools and Enablers

Strategic Career Transitions


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  • Planning
  • Networks
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Onboarding
  • Systems & Models

The Space Where Ideas Launch takes your lived problems as business executives and managers in our new normal today, and transform these problems into solutions that accelerate stated outcomes with experience design.

We work with companies to run surveys of their employee base to understand the culture, attitudes to change, and readiness to adopt new skills. We also learn what they are struggling with the most, so that we can design new solutions.

We speak to a sample of employees, teams and managers from various disciplines to understand your experiences and what underlies these experiences.

We conduct research using the principles of design and user experience. We combine theory, observation and experience to uncover solutions.

We use frameworks to help us consistently apply our solutions with great results.

We beta test all of our programmes before full scale deployment to ensure a high quality converting output.

Course Features


Training videos run from 5 to 20 minutes maximum before adding an activity element.

PRACTICAL, with workbooks

Taking a course with us means you've got to do some work, but that work will produce an output you can implement immediately.


All our courses provide a crib sheet of take aways that you can use as refreshers long after your training is over.


In my facebook group I create opportunities for Q&A sessions for all my courses, where you can post questions in the thread, and I will answer them in writing, as well as on my weekly live call.

Corporate Programmes
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Coach Led Programmes For BUsiness UNITS

We offer several coach-led programmes which you can book into at launch as an individual or schedule to run with your company.

The space where ideas launch podcast

This podcast is dedicated to creative women who are boldly stepping into recreating the future. Our themes are new work, sustainability, and equality.


We offer a carefully curated bi week-ly news letter of the latest trends in Strategy, innovation and the workplaces of the future.


We launch a new community of powerful change makers. more information soon.

Reimagine Possibility

Frequently asked questions

We do be-spoke customisation of our courses for companies. Book  a discovery call so we an understand your needs, or write to us via the contacts page.


We do offer a limited number of one to one packages. you can find out about them on our career sketching page here.

Get in touch to find out more about guest speaking via our application page here.

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