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Where Ideas Launch - The Podcast

We have launched our new business sustainability and innovation podcast, now available on Apple Podcasts. Its called Where Ideas Launch, and we invite you to download it and give us feedback!

Crafting the environment for insight and innovation

In many ways, this is the most amazing time on our planet to be a change maker, an innovator, and a citizen leader.

Everything is up for questioning, challenging and radically improving, and everyone has a role to play in how we create a world with more diversity, greater equity, and full inclusion.

In a world where we are living longer and the lines of culture and ethnicity are blending together, we can become stronger from our differences.

All ages, all experiences, all backgrounds, all education levels and all physical attributes are needed to create a future we all want to share.

Introducing The Space Where Ideas Launch

The space where ideas launch is designed to faciliate employees to make massive changes without the fear that comes with rapid acceleration and growth.

We facilitate bite sized training sessions, experiential learning, and community support for teams who need new perspectives, inspiration, and a removal of barriers to growth.

We run these sessions with the objectives of:

  1. Cross polinating ideas from different settings, cultures and fields.
  2. Breaking up existing belief patterns just enough to awaken an attitudes more open to questioning.
  3. Reforming the group around new ideas that are worthy of probing, researching and debating.

The goal is to create a safe reliable space, for creativity to flourish, employees to thrive, and goals to be met.

About this Service

I’m Katherine.

In a past life, I led projects within billion dollar transformation initiatives, working with sub teams and clusters from 10 to 200 people to implement new ways of working, brainstorming, norming and transforming their job outcomes and performance.

Today I lead and participate in communities on facebook, organised around social learning and championing change.

I work with your teams on their mindsets, models, and approaches to change and discovery.

I offer this service free for one month, to remove barriers for change agents who want to create shifts in thinking, and need some extra support.

The Free Service offer is valid for the duration of 30 days from first assignment, and offered for a minimum of 2 hours, and a maximum of 8 hours.

The time can be spent in 30, 60 or 9o minute blocks – depending on the objective of the activities.

These services are provided virtually on zoom or microsoft  teams.

It is available internationally.

other services

I also offer masterclasses on specific topics

Productivity Masterclass (60 mins)

£250 +Vat

Minimum for GROUPS of UP to 20 EMPLOYEES

Career Transition Masterclass (120 mins)


Minimum for Groups of up to 20 employees

Builiding Transformational leaders


hourly rate per corporate employee

Creating Employee groups around sustainable action

£250.00 + Vat

Minimum for GROUPS up to 20 employees

Rates are negotiable for repeat assignments

Course Features


Training sessions are 25 mins maximum lenght between breaks, delivered in person to accomodate extra time for Q&A/ Discussions

PRACTICAL, with workbooks

Taking courses with us means you've got to some work to do, but that work will produce an output you can implement immediately.


All our courses provide a crib sheet of take aways that you can use as refreshers long after your training is over.


Q&A Sessions can be arranged to further support employee groups

Reimagine Possibility

Frequently asked questions

We do be-spoke customisation of our courses for companies. Book  a discovery call so we an understand your needs, or write to us via the contacts page.


We do offer a limited number of one to one packages. you can find out about them on our career sketching page here.

Get in touch to find out more about guest speaking via our application page here.