Setting Up Your Career Change Plan for 2021

Career Transitions don’t need to be challenging, but they do need to be planned.

Many are considering how to position themselves now for 2021. Many things are changing in the market place that are beyond our human scale at the moment, so it’s useful to be proactive in thinking about the path you are currently on, where you are currently likely to end up – and where you would really like to be.

I ran a session recently for corporate leaders and managers on how to prepare your career transition plans amidst this acceleration of global change. Working on your career transition is a long game. This is no way a static exercise. It needs to be something that is revisited at least quarterly to maintain alignment.

These were the key points that came up:

Goal Setting

This isn’t just about the goal it self, we are usually good at goal setting – get a raise, replace/upgrade car or house, sort the vacation plans, take care of children’s education and experiences, etc. Yet when I refer to this, I really mean a bigger life plan, that considers who you want to be, more than just what you want to have, and what sort of environments will get you there.

No one wants to work for a company that only pays lip service to things that are important to you, such as diversity equity and inclusion. The environment. Responsible production and consumption. Yet If we don’t take the time to figure out what we value, then we can accidentally be complicit in furthering a world that does not work for the children we seek to protect. We need to know the constraints to make better decisions.

Become the Authority in your Space

You need to be known for something, and the something needs to be still relevant. This is one of the reasons I suggest that your career transition is a long game, that you need to be incrementally adjusting. Your job has already been influenced by at least 3 things. Data, Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability. How has it changed? Are you clear on the new context outside of your existing company? Do you know the latest keywords being used in your field?

Your Success Systems

Your systems are the way you deliver results, today. For many this is a tacit intangible but with some training you will find that this knowledge you have can be codified. As you determine the criteria you have for making decisions or achieving your results, you are also able to interrogate those systems, improve them, or train people to work based on them. They also help you to know what to look for in new contexts.

Engaged and Active Network.

You need to be strategic about engaging with your network on social media. When last have you done a network outreach where you offered to help rather than requested support? Think about your network outreach today.

Career Change Strategy

Many think that head hunters are the answer, but this also does not stand alone as head hunters cannot by definition cover the market given that they have non-compete clauses, so you need to engage with many to increase chances of success using this route.

Social Proof

Who knows how good you are and how do they share and celebrate it? Consider that from this point forward, social media is a strategic avenue for you to achieve your overall goals. If you shifted your mindset about Social Media from time consuming but addictive to strategic and directed, what could change for you?

When you take responsibility for your personal development, your path and your outcomes, you may find that you do one key thing fundamentally differently, you approach the world from the perspective of “I decide”. Instead of being led by the flow, you take a stand, and decide “I am the change” I want to see.

I am discussing all of these topics in my Facebook group Career Transition-Crafting the Job / life you want with Katherine Ann Byam | Facebook.

I also have a masterclass coming up on the 16th of December which you can get free access to here.