Supply Chain Operations

Are you a supply chain or operations manager looking to optimise cost and efficiency?

You may be experiencing the frustration that comes with inconsistent data, and broken processes.

Perhaps you even think that you cannot digitise your operations because you have all this “dirty data”.

That’s why we created a bespoke service to support you from right where you are.


How we help you with our proprietary DASHE system

It starts with understanding the strategic imperatives for your buisness. From there we conduct a discovery audit of your systems and data base set up, so we know what we’re working with.

We then use your legacy transactional data to map and analyse your business processes.

We extract historic metadata from various systems and construct an event log, to let you know how you have been performing.

Check out our white paper – DDPBA.

We work with you and other teams across the business to asses the best strategy to improve on what we’ve found.

We coach your leaders and key change makers to deliver changes with the full engagement of all teams.

We train your key users to operate and improve these solutions.

We lead IT Driven projects to implement improved technologies.

We execute technical elements of the change on your behalf

We also provide the change leadership and support for your teams to implement using agile and or waterfall frameworks.

We support you in developing machine learning solutions to assist in business forecasting where appropriate.

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