Software as a Service Providers
& Consultants

Are you serving other SMEs?

if you are a SAAS provider or a consultant serving other SMEs we collaborate to increase our shared value add to the final customer.

We support with the dirty data, enabling migration to more digital solutions. We also support the Strategy Blueprint that assist in delivering the overall business priorities

How we help

We constantly review new products on the market that meet the needs of our customers. We aim to partner with providers whose solutions meet our customers purchasing criteria.

Our customers often do not have an inhouse team of expert data scientist and statisticians who can help in the integration of new software solutions.

We offer analytical and technical support as part of the team on a short term basis.

As we enter a post covid 19 world of virtual and augmented experiences, your customers may need additional support in reviewing their business models before integrating your solutions. We monitor and codify new business models and examine what enablers make these successful, providing specialist advisory services.

We can help as collaboration partners when you need extra hands on deck to support a pitch to a larger client.

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