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We facilitate you in adapting to the changing nature of business, economics and society by building capability to implement automated solutions using AI, and supporting the organisational design and work force activation strategies to bring the needed evolutions to life.

  • Business Optimisation Services: from strategy setting to unlocking value from end to end process chains to free up working capital and fuel growth.
  • Data Analytics and Learning Services: Enhancing insight, analytics and automated learning to improve customer satisfaction and investor returns using both data science and data management techniques.
  • Workforce solutions: Supporting organisational design and shaping corporate culture to one which is curious, change embracing, collaborative, innovative.

Business Optimisation

business optimisation
  • Supply Chain Operations and Business Process Optimisation. We map and assign values to existing workflows and identify sub optimal processes using data-led approaches. We analyse results, propose, design and test solutions to enable implementation.
  • Change management facilitation. We achieve implementation success through your teams by early staff engagement, collaboration, coaching, effective coordination and tailored training systems.
  • Project Management Resource: We can intervene as part of your team for larger projects to support coordination, project management, change management, data analytics, data analysis or control and risk reviews as required.

Data Analytics

  • Data Analytics: We utilise data analytics and machine learning to provide relevant process diagnostics, indicative trends and insights, to prescribe solutions on opportunities for enhancing returns, or as stand-alone analytic services as an input to your financial and marketing forecasts.
  • Data Management: We can support with data cleansing and transformation to improve quality and reliability for further analysis.
data analytics

Workforce Facilitation

workforce facilitation
  • Organisational Culture, Design, Strategy: we influence structure and culture with our process design, considering the needs of the triple bottom line within the business strategy.
  • Knowledge Management: We shape your internal knowledge management strategy and IT architecture to maximise your outcomes.
  • Training Material: We collaborate with your teams to develop training material utilising multiple learning modes.
  • Coaching: We support you and individuals within your team with coaching needs beyond within and beyond the demands of the job. Learn more about individual coaching.
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