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COVID19 has been game changing for everyone, and the after shocks are still happening.

You need assurance that your the investment you make will provide a return. Our digital transformation solutions are bespoke, and therefore guranteed to make a positive impact.

We start from where you are, and adapt from there, to enhance your business performance.

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Our Skills

Data & Analytics

Insights & Visuals

Implement machine learning algorithms to identify trends and create visual insights

Data Analytics

Clarify, interpret, recommend and design and implement targeted solutions including process automation.

Data Cleansing

Cleanse and transform your data to improve quality and reliability for further analysis.

Business Process Optimisation

Sustainability, Resilience and Strategy

Blending the future outlook, business models and strategy to develop road maps and project pipelines

Data driven process mapping & assignment of values to workflows for optimisation​

Support the culture definition development and transition to deliver sustainable outcomes.

Customers reviews

In 2020, we kicked off projects on a journey toward interpreting the data we extracting from our multiple systems at Ferring International. We reviewed many suppliers, and tenders, including one from Dieple Consulting. What was remarkable about their service offer is that it was tailored specifically to our needs, and free from license fees; making it much easier for them to demonstrate the value of their machine learning solutions to our business. The solution they proposed would reduce our current analytical results considerably. Christophe displayed great intuition around our data, with the skills to translate our business need into IT requirements for the extraction process, and then convert that into an analysis that demonstrated real process understanding, as well as statistical skills. It was a pleasure to interact with Christophe and his team on this, and we look forward to working with him and the team in the future as more opportunities present themselves.
Selvan Pillay
Senior Manager - Ferring International
Katherine and Chris have recently assisted us see the wood from the trees! Katherine and Chris have recently provided invaluable advice and insight into a technology transformation project that our group of businesses is embarking on. They have demonstrated an exceptional ability to understand a set of challenges and come up withtangible objectives and criteria to benchmark or decision making against. I would encourage any business owner to leverage Dieples expertise and years of experience in solving and delivering transformation projects.
CEO of a Hampshire Group of Companies

Which Path Fits Your Needs Best?

Supply Chain Operations

Are you running a service centre and looking to run improvements? Are you looking into data driven forecasting?

Finance & Audit Operations

Are you managing a back office operation or need support with financial controlling? Or wanting better algorithmic detection?


Are you looking for practitioners to support sales and deployment of your SaaS solution? Do you need a local point of contact?


Looking for data science and analytics skills not presently on your team?

HR - People @ Work

Looking to develop your HR analytics, or facilitate team workshops and transformations?

Career Executives

Looking for one to one or group coaching? Need some realignment in your career?

We accomodate time for pre-scoping and discovery before we commit to working with you. This is complimentary in our service.

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