Growth Spaces: The beauty of Co-working.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
― Anais Nin

SO Fourteen, Woollen Hall, Southampton

Making the decision to lease an office space is among the more important decisions of the modern day professional services start up, mainly because it becomes a fixed cost against a variable and inconsistent income stream in your early years.

Over and above the costs, the benefits can be massive. Let’s explore.


Its no secret that a start-ups survival often comes the life buoy of its community. Most businesses start with less than ten people before they can prove that their concept is viable, and invariably those 10 or less do not have all the required skills. A space to talk, share, develop and grow together can be the single difference in avoiding going under before you get to the banks on the other side of the river.

Client Service

To serve your clients, you need to spend time with them inside their reality and their data, to understand the real drivers of the challenges they face, and the pathway to being able to bring meaningful value. To innovate and create solutions however, its often useful to step away from the problem. An external space that brings to life openness, collaboration and sparks ingenuity and innovation, can be as productive for you as for your client.


A dedicated workspace supports a required change in mental state, in transitioning from brainstorming to norming, and setting up the processes and controls needed to stabilise growth. It enables the normalisation of working hours, a physical address which is still currently required to support authentication of your business life as separate from your personal life.

Shared Services

Perhaps the most under estimated of them all, co-working spaces are arguably providing significant additional benefit and cost saving by enabling a fresh supply of water, coffee and sometimes snacks utilising eco-friendly re-usable alternatives to sitting and paying at Starbucks or Costas all day.

Our Experiences

In August, Dieple Consulting signed with a Coworking Space in Southampton, #SOFourteen, find out about them here., and its easy in hindsight to see how this was an obviously brilliant choice. The space comes equipped with Shower and toilet facilities, 2 fully serviced kitchenettes, Open plan set up with Wifi included, 3 open plan Seating areas for guests, clients and collaborators, 2 bookable offices, Lockers for securing your items, and free filtered water, coffee, biscuits, fruit, and a fantastic community manager who facilitates connectivity among the co work community. All of this for one third the price of a hot desk at #Wework. #Coworking is the future, and I encourage all my peers in the start-up and self-employed community to embrace it!