Get a GRIP on your business or career using these 5 principles

GRIPPS is a change management philosophy and methodology developed by Katherine Ann Byam to create impact with her consulting and coaching contracts. This image shows a torn piece pf paper along diagonals with the script How I’m using the Gripps method to sustain business and personal success.

Whilst there is no secret sauce to career success, there are five ingredients that do make up a potent formula to deliver on your goals.

In my consulting/coaching business, I work with heads of disciplines and functions who want to achieve one of 3 things.

  1. Leaders like you who want to Inject new and innovative strategies to deliver more resilience and reliability in their business.
  2. Senior executives excited about building thrilling new career paths or exceed past successes with each career transition.
  3. Heads of disciplines who want to recover a career that’s lost its spark.

In the work that I do, I’ve found that there are 5 key ingredients that support my clients in achieving their goals, which you can consider in your personal game plans as well.

I call this my GRIPPS method. We should spend our time on efforts that are Growth, Repeatability, Insight, Promotability and Scalability.


Growth is all about learning and the mindset that sets you beyond your goals. It is about a continuous cycle of curiosity, discovery, and implementation such that the system you are working within constantly evolves.


Repeatable speaks to the mental models that underlies the effort that you’re putting into the key activities and tasks needed to meet your objectives.

Its about understanding the stated and tacit knowledge involved in accomplishing simple and complex tasks and codifying as much of it as possible into repeatable steps either they or their teams can follow.

Its important to be clear on the outcome that you seek, the questions that you ask, the data you collect, and the context within which these decisions make sense, in order to convert these models into repeatable steps – or even to objectively review these models.


Insightful speaks to the value you create. Creating value is an increasingly intellectual challenge and engineering challenge. Much of our economies have thrived on extraction and conversion of value from the earth in a linear way, such that its use and re-use isn’t repeatable, breaching our first principle. Today, true insight comes from crafting paths to renewable, circular and environment friendly ways to create a true sense of abundance to fuel our global economy. This is where our future success and longevity on our planet truly lies. You will be creating real value the more you shift gears to move in this direction.

Psychology and Promotability

Psychology and Promotability is around the conversations that convert bystanders and fence sitters to believers in our cause. It requires a high level of emotional intelligence to be effective. There is so much more focus on purpose in business, among many age groups, as the pandemic has created a greater societal appetite for more meaning in what we do. Being able to promote the way in which our ideas, products, services and applications add value, solve problems and create a net positive impact is key to any success story.


Finally, scalability breeds more impact, more affordability, and more longevity. The more we scale, the more our resilience can be boosted for the long road ahead. Scalability comes from the systems that we use (including data and information), and the platforms that leverage growth.

Using the GRIPPS methodolgy has helped me streamline things in life and business!
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