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This Strategic Career Transition Project
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Why this course

"The Courage To Lead" is a group transformation program to support you with powerful and strategic career changes in our modern volatile and uncertain world.

 An Age of Rapid Change.

In typical circumstances, career transitions are challenging, especially as your responsibilities for the stewardship of the organisation increases.

According to research by Gartner, at any given point in time, 25% of the leadership team is in transition, and 46% of those transitions do not perform in line with expectation.


Introducing a plan to reshape your career trajectory leveraging 3 key forces

  • Directing your Internal Compass.
  • Shaping your External Strategy.
  • Securing your Future Job success.


Course Notes

The Course begins 1 week after cart close.

The Bonus Masterclasses will also be available to you 1 week before the course begins.

Sunday 15th November 2020

4:00pm UTC+1 until 6:00PM UTC+1

  • Directing your Internal Compass.
    • Mapping your Objectives and Targeted Outcomes
    • Drawing on Strengths to Build a Growth Platform
    • Building your Brand

Sunday 22nd November 2020

4:00pm UTC+1 until 6:00PM UTC+1

  • Shaping your External Strategy.
    • Authority Building
    • Networking & Engagement
    • Mapping your Authority Building Plan

Sunday 29th November 2020

4:00pm UTC+1 until 6:00PM UTC+1

  • Securing your Future Job success.
    • Pre Transition Preparation
    • Onboarding Strategy
    • Exploring New Dimensions of Modern Business

Course Features

3 Live Coach Led Sessions

2 hours group coaching for 3 weeks during September.
Each learning module within the 2 hour sessions will be 20-25 minutes with activities before transition


Curated List of recommended additional reading to reinforce your learning

Complimentary Pre-Course masterclass ON productivity

Many executives struggle with juggling their time. I've built a solution that works, and this course shows you how.

Guided Personal Work

Personalised Electronic Flow Books to aid your progress

This is a live participation course.

The transformation only happens when you're fully present. The sessions will be recorded, but your results are amplified with your live attendance.

Early Sign Up Discount Ends in


Where to start when you want to re-map your career?

Start with what drives you.


What are you passionate about? is it something you do currently, or can do in your current business?


Are you driven by having a lifestyle of luxury? What does that number look like for you?

IS IT Significance?

Do you simply what to be the best at what you do?

Is it Purpose?

Does your organisation serve a greater purpose than profit? Is it involved in creating societal shared value for the communities it serves?


Does having a guaranteed income at the end of each month make you and your family content and satisfied?.

IS IT Flexibility?

Does the ability to balance work and life leave you feeling fulfilled?

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What takeaways did you get?


Summary of what you'll receive:

  • 6 hours group coaching over 3 days
  • Access to my productivity system before the course begins
  • A digital coaching work book where I will be providing remote coaching and comments to each participant.
  • Household rate applies: Couples sign up for the price of 1 person!

Get £200.00 off if you sign up by 9 Oct 2020 (Use Code: earlysignup)

This the only time I will run this course at this price - as it is a beta launch.

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 I care deeply for your results, and that this course is suited to your needs. The pre-registration process aims to determine if this service is the right fit for your needs.

By applying via the link below and booking a call with me, you also learn whether or not I’m the right fit for you.

What you will achieve

including life time access to regularly refreshed content


This course combines the experiences of executives who have transitioned successfully over many years with modern theories and practices across disciplines and beyond the perspectives of your current organisation.

This is a 3 week intensive course with appropriate levels of support before during and after to give you the greatest chances of success.

From the very first week, you will start doing things differently, with a fresh mindset and approach to your role and your learning.

The Definitive Strategic Career Transition Blueprint will change your approach to management transitions and give you a boost of capabilities.

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From the Course Creator

I know you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve excellence in your arena of expertise.

In this ever-evolving business climate, you appreciate the need for expediency more than ever, while maintaining or even improving your wellbeing. its a challenge, but not an impossible one.

You want value and a straightforward path to success, that offer’s more certainty.  I’ve created this course solution to deliver on value, time and cost to you. My solutions are skilfully guided and human-centred, while taking care of the critical aspects of your life.

Using this approach you’ll be better able to cut through the blocks on the way to achieving your desired results.

A bit about me: I hold an MBA in Innovation Management, Certificates in Business Sustainability Management, Digital Disruption Strategies, and Neuro Linguistic Programming. I’ve coached more than 40 clients in my business and have done this also throughout my corporate career. I also dedicate 50% of my time weekly to honing my skills in business, coaching, culture, and strategy.

I’ve managed an international career, working in more than 30 countries, with people from 150 different nationalities. My distinctive strategies for rapid learning and assimilation have seen me make 15 transitions over my career, and deliver 4 significant business transformations.

As CEO, Consulting director, Marketing & Operations Manager and Business coach for my business, I have learnt how to be effective across complexity while having time to live, and I can help you with this too.

Katherine Ann Byam

Founder & CEO: Dieple Consulting