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Where I help

Strategic Careers

A career with purpose and meaning is within your reach. Work with me to unlock opportunity from where you are; there's no need to change companies to have a better experience. Let's design a course of action for what's next.


You may be great at your personal productivity but continue to struggle leveraging this at work. This is where my course calm amidst the chaos comes in.

Goals & Direction

Maybe you are beginning your journey or looking to make a radical shift, pivoting to your own business, or to a completely new field. I have done this 3 times with both success and lessons I can share.

Growth Strategy

You may need help to get unstuck. Unleash your power, put fear in its final resting place, break free of the inner imposter syndrome. We build a growth strategy together.

Complimentary Survive & Thrive Solutions

The affordable do it yourself offers

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Modern Career Foundations



Productivity Course



The Courage to Lead



Sketching Together

First make a plan, then make a difference!

Signature Programmes

Leverage Your Strengths
9hour programme

This is an intensive accelerator programme which provides 9 hours of one to one support  on a semi structured development plan – further  shaped by both of us based on your needs when we start working together.

The programme includes flowbooks, videos, and a done with you service – I spend 9 hours with you and 4 hours behind the scenes tailoring the experience and opening up pathways for you to step into your personal power.

You will receive all content relevant to all my corporate career support courses as well, either through attendance or slide decks and loom recordings.

I keep you accountable in this programme by answering all your messages or texts for up to 3 months.

Get in touch to find out more before you make this committment – as it needs to be right for the goals you want to acheive. Let’s talk it through.

Career Strategy Intensive

In a hurry for a solution? I have intensive programmes starting from 1 hour up to 4 hours, where we craft a career strategy and build an executive plan for you. This programme is great for a redirection/ Re-orientation. The support typically ends on the day or within one week.

If you choose this option, then decide to upgrade to the leverage your strenghts package, you will only pay the difference, and receive the additional hours required to make up the full programme.


The truth about fear, and imposter syndrome

 Those 2 features remain with us all our lives, we just need to learn how to use them to our advantage!


“Career sketching is my signature offer to support driven professionals like you to achieve more with balance.

My vision is to help you transcend the very notion of work.”

I do this because I wished someone did this for me., during 20 years of successful but imbalanced corporate life.

As you feel the impact of the economic pressure, job fallout and difficult decisions, I recognise your frustrations, as that anxiety creeps in, no matter where you sit in the organisational chart.

I designed this career sketching programme to help you address the volatility and complexity that has grown in our ever connected lives, and craft a path to fulfilment that enriches you.

embrace both the challenge and the fear

Join over 900 people who've worked with me via my communities projects and courses over the last year!

Are you the person who yearns for more with balance?

Are you curious, interested and engaged in consuming knowledge you can convert into tangible action?

When someone say’s you can’t do something, is it like you to take their doubt and turn it into the fire of success?

Yet, despite your curiosity, do you long for more balance and time to recover?

Are you craving gently pliant structures, and seamless systems,

to deliver on control with freedom?

Do you want to give more free reign to your teams, but not sure how to balance this with results?

Do you want to make changes but find something always holds you back from pulling the trigger and taking the risk?

This is where I help.

Choose the perfect support plan

Basic Plans





Advanced Plans


career strategy intensive


3 MONTH payment plan and

What our clients say

Additional Support for
Transitioning Business Owners & Expats

Becoming a Freelance consultant? Want to build a successful side hustle or side purpose?

Thinking about creating more freedom? let's get you set up for success

Frequently asked questions

Mentors and coaches both have a vital role to play in your personal and career development. A mentor is a specialist in a discipline or domain, with great leadership insights you can learn from.

A coach on the otherhand is a specialist at helping you tap into your core strengths, and providing you with the tools to gain greater self empowerment.

Coaches and mentors have different levels of training to perform their roles. There are coaches who can be mentors, as often the best coaches come from a rich background and experiences, but these roles are done best when they are separated, as it helps you streamline and focus on what you need from whom.

ROI for a coaching engagement varies greatly, as it is a service that depends on your goals. If you want to accelerate some specific outcome, then you and your coach can work together to define that measurable result before you begin your engagement. Outcomes I have acheived for my clients included early and unplanned salary increases, more job offers, expanded networks, greater personal gravitas. It all depends on the goals you set together.

We design bespoke services after our initial consultation. The leverage your strengths programme is tailored for you by both of us, to ensure we can give you what you need. If I am not right for your particular need, I will let you know it, and refer you to others who can.

I own empathy as a strength, and intuition as a gift, and curiosity as a value. Those 3 things have given me all my career success, regardless of the fields I’ve worked in. I decided in 2019 to go full throttle on my strengths, and this career sketching programme is one of the greatest outputs of that focus.

I am a polymath, that influences my learning across multiple disciplines. My coaching services are distinctive because of my depth in empathy, intuition and curiosity, and my breadth across STEAM fields and traditional careers. Join my list of satisfied clients by engaging in my group today, to experience my style and brand of coaching.


Customers reviews

What a result! In the first 5 minutes of speaking face to face with Katherine, I knew I was experiencing a kind of training that was rare. The hardest thing to achieve during coaching sessions is a deep level of trust and respect. When I explained my unique experiences to Katherine, she deeply understood what I was describing and feeling. Very quickly we have been able to develop a synthesis in our coach/student dynamic that allows me to make great progress between our sessions. If you have hit a wall in your career, or you face challenges that feel too complex to think through on your own, speak to Katherine. I’m certain she will help you find a way forward!
Chief Operations Officer
Highly recommended, even in remote sessions Over the past 4 months I have had regular coaching sessions with Katherine. Because we live in different countries, we worked over Skype with excellent results. The main objective was to guide me through the process of finding a new job, but the results went beyond that. The program is designed under a holistic strategy, approaching different areas relevant for self-development. As a result, I have gained self- confidence and clarity on my objectives which have been very helpful not only on the hiring process but also, on my approach on other matters that are important for my progress. Katherine is a passionate person, highly committed and hard worker. Her critical thinking abilities and the vast professional experience she has, makes her a strong reliable decision maker. She had a very friendly approach with high ethical and professional standards. I highly recommend her coaching sessions as well as her consultancy programs.
Cynthia A
Operations Director
I have worked with Katherine in her “Corporate” life phase. Already at that time I found always very inspiring talking with her about matters which concerned human behavior in corporate world. Katherine is a very serious and strong professional, her passion comes through at the first encounter and her curiosity for learning and self improvement is a constant in her life. With all her background, her knowledge and her attitude she is the best person to go to for advice and support in critical moments throughout your career!
Head of Trade

Other Comments From Customers via Trust pilot

“I love Katherine’s professionalism and work approach, I really appreciate her involvement and dedication in this journey I’m going through, in which I no longer feel indecisive or alone, this process has injected in me some new energy to keep going and persuing my north. Highly recommended.”

“For me, she was great in encouraging me to discover all the options I have if I tap with courage outside my comfort zone and also stay true to my values and beliefs.”

“During coaching it is a really safe environment, free of judgement and criticism”

“Katherine’s huge experience and international background in various disciplines, working with people from different cultures and businesses is of real value.”

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