The Calm Amidst The Chaos

This is a productivity and time management system that will transform your outcomes with just 30 minutes a day, using the POWER THREE ZERO framework.

A Complete Productivity Management System

Design Action oriented Meetings

The course helps you achieve real results from your meetings in much less time, and with considerably less anxiety using a streamlined system.

Develop Repeatable Systems

You receive proven tools to develop repeatable systems that help you scale your time and get more out of each day, with less work.

Leverage your influence

Mastering the techniques in this course will help you dial up your influence as well - with your boss, colleagues, direct reports, and other collaborators.

Provides a baseline for greater balance

This is a complete system that touches various aspects that impact on your productivity. This content helps you align toward a greater purpose.

Giving you 6 days of bite sized training to transform the way you live and work!

Even though you stopped looking, I’ve solved this sticky problem. Right now, you hold the keys to a solution that takes only 30 minutes to implement the first time, yet unlocks twice that and more in value, scaling every time you use it.

Of course, to gain assurance of these results, you have to follow this guide’s intent. You need to implement this system one phase at a time. If you do, then that problem you’ve come to accept, will be cured.


Calm Amidst the Chaos

The Productivity Management System that will transform your life and work for good!


Just £27.00 Until 30 Nov 2020

including life time access to regularly refreshed content

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"This is a performance enhancing system"

What our clients say

“In today’s

world where focus and concentration are sometimes hard to come by, mental alertness is a critical success factor. Participating in this course series allowed me to grab some valuable tools and techniques and helped me to consider a change in approach toward shifting behaviors closer to those which enabled success for me”.

Finance Director
"Insightful and clever, this course has changed my approach to my time and to the way I engage on my projects. This has given me a clear system to level up on my outcomes! Thank you Katherine for this fantastic programme!"
Katherine's Productivity webinar gave actionable ways to make meetings shorter, focused, and productive. The examples and tips show it's not about working harder or longer, it's about being intentional and using a simple process that enables you to lead others with that same intention.
"Katherine delivered a "powerful" three zero minutes of inspiring, relevant and practical ways for Leaders, Managers and Facilitators to create efficiency.

Full of tips and thought-provoking approaches to more effective meetings; including how to structure, achieve clearer outcomes and results, create real value in the use of your time and maintain focus. Intertwined with her personal story-telling, this session leaves you with much food for thought. I have already applied more thinking to how I get maximum value for my time and introduced time-blocking into my weekly schedule. Thank you Katherine, for such a clear, articulate and creative session. Look forward to more! "

Frequently asked questions

This course approaches productivity from a deeper systems view, and not just  tasks and to do lists. Surely these help, but when you start using this system, you will rely less on these methods, and more on ideas that make step changes in your personal effectiveness.

This is a 6 day course, and will take you 30 mins each day.

The course introduction and webinar will be 20 mins, with 10 mins of thinking about what you want to change.

Each successive day after that will be around 10 minutes of video, and about 20 minutes of personal work.

On day 3 I’ve included a special session on how to leverage your influence, and become more effective at delegating. its a great tool with some useful tips and ideas for making things happen.

Calm Amidst the Chaos is a comprehensive system and game changer. If you would like to ask any additional questions before you purchase, get in touch with us!

From the Course Creator

As a business owner, I totally get you. Your effectiveness is your signature, and your efficiency is in constant review. You need to get the same amount done within less time to give you more options.

Every moment of time I spend not selling, has a direct impact on my bottom line, that’s my entrepreneur’s reality. I developed this system to help me tackle the following challenges on my day to day entrepreneurial journey:

  • How to learn continuously and implement fast.
  • How to optimise my system of delegation and redistribution of tasks
  • How to get the best from meetings with potential partners and collaborators
  • How to improve my effectiveness and efficiency while managing 3 jobs myself.

In the last 9 months, this system has seen me accomplish the following:

  • Craft tailored offers to clients all over Europe.
  • Grow my skills in business development marketing, strategy, and sustainability.
  • Deliver rapid minimum viable products and services.

I am offering this course at at a fraction of its regular price, because I want to help more people. The more people enjoying it, the less draining work becomes.

You don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t know these secrets!

Katherine Ann Byam is the Founder and CEO of Dieple Consulting and the brand The Space Where Ideas Launch. She holds
an MBA in Innovation, and certificates from Cambridge University on business
sustainability and digital disruption strategies. She has also trained on strategy and
innovation with some of the most prolific creators on the planet, and studied
Neuro-Linguistic Programming with the best in this field. Her mission is to help humans transcend this notion of work. She leverages her digital transformation consulting work, her coaching and her course products to achieve this aim.